Dream Vacation in England: Ancient Sites—Avebury


This aerial view shows the three stone circles, great ditch and long processional way which make up the Neolithic site of Avebury. The biggest circle, at 450 feet across, is the largest stone circle in England. Within it are the remains of two smaller circles, a flock or two of sheep, and a village. Only about half of the largest circle’s stones are standing.
They were pulled down, or buried, to stop them from being used for pagan rituals in the Middle Ages. At a later date, some of the stones were used as convenient building materials.

In the 1930’s Alexander Keiller excavated the site and restored it to its present state. The museum at Avebury, which tells the history of the site, is named after him.


Unlike Stonehenge, Avebury offers a completely hands-on experience. You can wander around the stones at will.

For information on the opening hours and admission costs to the Alexander Keiller Museum:



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