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Trip One: The Classics

The perfect itinerary for a first time visit to England. It covers                

many of the most popular travel destinations in just two weeks.

Includes overnights in London, Winchester, Bath,

Thornbury Castle and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Along the way you can see Stonehenge, Avebury, Wales,

the Cottswolds, Warwick Castle, and Oxford.                                             



Trip Two: I’m Not Driving

For those who don’t want to rent a car               UNDER CONSTRUCTION

This Itinerary was based on a Parish Holiday, a way to tour the English countryside as the guest of a village, which provided transportation to all the most interesting sites in their area.

The Parish Holidays have been discontinued.  A new itinerary for I’m Not Driving will be added soon.




Trip Three: Taking the Kids                                       UNDER CONSTRUCTION

This Itinerary is especially designed to delight children under 10.

            Includes overnights in:                                                Includes visits to                 

London                                                                                            The Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

A medieval manor house on a working farm                               The Tower of London          

                 and                                                                                   Stonehenge

A week in a castle with an amusement park                                The seashore


Coming Soon


Trip Four: In Search of King Arthur and the Holy Grail

The sites associated with the Arthurian legends.

Trip Five:  Happy Christmas and Merry Hogmany

Trip Six:  I Was an English Major

Dream Vacation in England: Free Itineraries

The Lion and the Unicorn:

Medallion on Buckingham Palace Gate

These are

Not Your Average Itineraries

  1. Most itineraries just explore a square on a map. These terrific trips connect the most interesting destinations throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

  2. They

  3. Start or end in London

  4. Are based on a two week vacation  

  5. Range the length and breadth of Great Britain.

  6. Have all the planning done for you

  7. Limit driving to 3 hours from place to place

  8. Point out intriguing sites to visit along the way

  9. Recommend great places to stay

  10. Include one night in a castle

Choose an itinerary that takes you to places you’ve always wanted to see and

places waiting to be discovered.



©2012 JoAnne Stewart Wetzel     

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•Thornbury Castle