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Two Nights over the Pub



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Stay Somewhere Amazing Every Night

1.  Always spend one night in a castle


This website is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream vacation in England by spending every night somewhere amazing:

  1. at a castle

  2. over a pub

  3. in a thatched cottage

  4. in a manor house mentioned in the  Domesday Book in 1086.

I took my first trip to England in the winter of 1970. Night fell at 4:30 in the afternoon and a strike had left huge piles of garbage lining the London streets. Despite the darkness and the trash, I fell in love with London and couldn’t wait to go back. Since then, I’ve taken family and friends to stay at extraordinary hotels and bed & breakfasts in England, Scotland and Wales. When they kept asking “How did you find this place,” I realized other people would like to know how to discover such unique places to stay and decided to start this Website.

About this Website

Thornbury Castle.

King Henry VIII stayed here with Queen Anne Bolyen. You can sleep in the same room they did. Find other Castles-to-Sleep-In.

2.  Book a few nights over a pub

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Three Nights

at the Palace

The Ring of Bells pub in North Bovey housed the stone masons who came to build the village church in the 13th century. It still rents rooms to travelers.

Find Other Great Places to Stay.

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3. Don’t limit yourself to London

Stonehenge is the most famous neolithic stone circle in Great Britain. Combine it with a visit to Avebury, a 45 minute drive away. Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world and you can still walk among the stones. Our free itinerary, The Classics, shows you how to do it.

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