Brock’s Guest House


Charing Cross Hotel

Pavilion Fashion Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel

Rubens at the Palace


Wyckham Arms



The Shakespeare Hotel  




North Bovey, Devon

The Ring Of Bells Inn

           The Shakespeare Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon

   Don’t waste a minute of  your vacation

Stay somewhere special every night

The math is simple. If you sleep eight hours, take an hour getting dressed in the morning and an hour getting ready for bed, you’ll spend at least ten hours a day in your room. But there’s no reason to waste a minute of it.


Not when you can stay at truly amazing places:

  1. Bullet in a cottage once owned by the parents of William Shakespeare

  2. Bullet in the same room in Thornbury Castle where King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn slept

  3. Bullet at Baskerville Hall, listening for a hound barking in the night

  4. Bullet over an 800-year-old thatched pub

  5. Bullet next door to Buckingham Palace


How can I afford to stay someplace that special?

Many of the most intriguing places to stay are outside London and the further you travel from London, the more hotel rates drop and the more frequently a full English breakfast is included in the rate. 


How can I find these special places?

The easiest way is to follow one of the Terrific Trips you’ll find on this web site. The Terrific Trips have done all the work for you with itineraries set to take advantage of the lowest hotel rates. 


If these places are so special, why doesn’t every tour group stay in them?

Tours need to book enough rooms to house a busload of passengers. You can stay over a pub in the middle of the great stone circle at Avebury, but it only has two bedrooms available for guests.


Many of the most special places to stay were built 100’s of years ago, long before elevators and handicapped accessibility were dreamt of. Tours try to accomodate as many people as possible and any place with steep stairs and no elevator limits the number of people they can serve.



Dream Vacation in England: Great Places to Stay

Great Places to Stay

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