Tips to make your trip easier, safer and less expensive




Hotel rates drop depending on what day of the week you book your stay. In London, room rates are cheapest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. If you’re staying in a castle, Friday and Saturday nights are the most expensive, and frequently a two night stay is required on weekends.


Some airlines charge more for flying on Fridays.

Dream Vacation in England: Money Saving Tips

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Can’t find a street sign in London? Look up at the second floor of the building on the corner.


Don't ask for a bathroom unless you want to take a bath. The room with a toilet is called the toilet, the WC (short for water closet) or the loo.

  1. Taking the kids? Not all hotels, and many B&B’s, don’t accept children under 12. If they don’t, their web sites always state this. For many of the historical buildings, it’s partly a safety issue. If you book anyway, and arrive with your children, you won’t get to stay, but you will be charged for the nights you reserved.

Rent a car with an automatic transmission. Not only will you be driving on the “wrong” side of the road, you’ll be sitting on the “wrong” side of the car. If you have a stick shift, you’ll be shifting with your left hand. Anything that will simplify driving in Britain is worth the extra cost.


Picking up a car in London? Do it early on a Sunday morning. There’s almost no traffic to deal with as you drive out of the city and you won’t have to pay the congestion fee charged to people driving in the city on Monday through Friday.

English weather is subject to frequent rain, so if you want to do something out-of-doors, spring into action at the first sign of dry weather, even if you have to change that day’s plans. It may be your only opportunity.

  1. Plan your Sundays around a hearty lunch, especially if you’ll be in the countryside. Many places that serve food are pubs and almost every pub serves a special meal on Sundays featuring  roast beef, lamb or pork. (Most have vegetarian options too). They are usually a great bargain.

  2. Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, veg and gravy at the Henry VIII pub near Hever Castle.

  3. But pubs frequently stop serving cooked food on Sundays around 3:00, and it can be hard to find any place to eat after 3:00 in rural areas on Sundays.



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